We really care for Sustainability

Small Steps Towards a Greener Future

Refill your bottle and reduce plastic waste

Because plastic cannot be recycled or disposed of properly in Zanzibar, we have opted to provide you with limitless refills in exchange for a $1 daily donation. All you need to do is bring an empty bottle to get endless refills!
We appreciate you saving the earth all day by not using as much plastic.

Whenever possible, we use solar lights!

We’ve installed solar lights to illuminate our outdoor spaces. These eco-friendly lights enhance ambiance while reducing our carbon footprint, providing guests with a greener, more enchanting experience.

Solar burns? Here is aloe vera!

Did you burn from the sun? Simply cut a leaf from our freely available aloe vera to receive a treatment that is entirely natural. You won’t have to purchase pricey plastic aftersun made of chemicals if you do this. Just keep in mind that aloe vera can stain clothing and linens, so wait until it dries completely before dressing or lying down on your bed!

Do you love starfish? Then, don't kill them!

Everybody loves these incredible creatures, but most people don’t know that they can quickly die if taken out of the water. You probably wouldn’t want to drown just because a giant fish pulls you underwater to take a picture of you for its friends, so please don’t remove sea creatures from their natural habitat. If you want to photograph the starfish, do so respectfully.

We don't waste food

As you may know, at Makofi, we take pride in serving amazing food. While our guests typically savor every last crumb, occasionally, there is some waste, particularly during our All-You-Can-Eat barbecue events. However, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to repurpose the leftovers as fertilizer for our gardens!