Accommodation, Services, Excursions And Useful Tips

Everything you need to know about Makofi and Zanzibar, including weather conditions and seasons, VISA, local transfers and excursions. Find answers to frequently asked questions about us and the island.

The Accommodation

We provide bathroom towels for free, and if beach towels are required, they are provided for a deposit.

We don’t have air conditioning in the rooms*, it’s just fans, and they do a great job. The rooms are fresh and cool. If you really cannot stay without AC, we’ll help you to find another hotel 🤪

We don’t have glass windows in the rooms*, it’s just iron protection and mosquito nets. To avoid being disturbed by birds or other outside noises while sleeping, kindly consider bringing your own earplugs. If the earplugs will not be enough, we’re ready to help you find a new hotel 🤪

We don’t have safes in Makofi, but it’s a safe haven. The staff is always here, but please be smart and don’t leave a million dollars in the common areas!

Makofi has a beautiful restaurant and an Italian Gourmet Pizzeria. The food we prepare here is made with a lot of love by our amazing local chefs. Our delicious menu includes both international and local cuisine. Take a look at it here!

We don’t clean your rooms, unless you specifically ask us to! There are brooms around, so if you want to give your room a quick sweep please feel free!

If you need us to change your towels or bedsheets, just ask. We’ll provide immediately.

*Comfort Quadruple Room and Deluxe Double Rooms come with AC and windows (more details on our Rooms page).

Activities and Excursions

Snorkeling at Mnemba Island (dolphins), Sunset Tour, Spice Tour, Stone Town Tour, Nakupenda (sandbank), Safari Blue (sandbank), Jozani Forest…

We can help you to arrange any excursion around the island at the best prices because we are directly connected with our local trusted friends.

Supporting local communities is important to us, and we can connect you with many knowledgeable local guides for you to have the best Zanzibar experience.

If you’d like to spend a night away from Makofi, we can also help you find a different accommodation.

About Zanzibar

Drinking water – while water in Zanzibar is not contaminated, if you’re not used to it, we advise against drinking it. Also, consider avoiding ice and raw salads in local restaurants because you might get some light tummy problems! Rest assured, Makofi uses only 100% potable water for our ice and salad preparation.

Emergencies – malaria in Zanzibar is very rare, and if something happens, there are hospitals and private clinics where it can be immediately addressed. Pharmacies and hospitals are located 5 minutes from Makofi, and if needed, we can call emergency doctors 24/7.

In case of light injury, we have a First Aid equipment and we can immediately help you in disinfection.

Vaccines – the authorities require proof of yellow fever vaccination ONLY if you arrive from another country at risk of yellow fever. This requirement also applies if you have a layover in a country at risk of yellow fever.

Weather – while we can’t predict the future, this is typically the situation:

December/March (summer) – during the day is 30-32°C, during the night is 27°C, sea is 25-27°C. Low humidity, very few mosquitos.

April/May (rain season) during the day is 27°C, during the night is 21°C, sea is 24-26°C. High humidity, a lot of mosquitos.

June/September (winter) during the day is 27°C, during the night is 20°C, sea is 20-23°C. Middle humidity, a bit of mosquitos.

October/November (small rain season) – during the day is 28°C, during the night is 23°C, sea is 22-24°C. Middle humidity, few mosquitos.

Tides change every 5 to 6 hours.

During low tide – in Nungwi, it is usually possible to swim during low tide, but we recommend wearing protective shoes due to the risk of injury from rocks and particularly sea urchins.

During high tide – just enjoy!

Makofi Partners

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Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Kendwa!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the beach from Makofi?
In 90 seconds, you can reach the wonderful Nungwi Beach.

Can I do the VISA at the airport?
Yes, the visa can be required and paid directly at the airport. It costs 50$ and you can pay cash or by credit card. Depending on which company you fly with, you could be asked an exit fee of 40USD

How can I reach Makofi? 
The easiest way to reach Makofi is by Taxi from Abeid Amani Karume International Airport or the main ferry harbour in Stone Town. The ride takes around 1hr 20min. Our drivers operate 24/7 and they are never late. If you want to book a taxi with us, just contact us by email at and, be sure, we’ll be there waiting for you.

The cheapest way to come in Makofi is by local transports (4-6 USD).

From the airport:
Take the Daladala to Darajani (500 tzs, 25 minutes)
From Darajani, take the Bajaj to Kinazini (7000 tzs, 5 minutes
From Kinazini, take the Daladala to Nungwi (3000 tzs, 1 hour and 45 minutes)
When you arrive to the last stop in Nungwi, ask for Makofi (15 minutes walking)

From the seaport:
Take the Bajaj to Darajani (7000 tzs, 7 minutes)
From Darajani, take the Bajaj to Kinazini (7000 tzs, 5 minutes)
From Kinazini, take the Daladala to Nungwi (3000 tzs, 1 hour and 45 minutes)
When you arrive to the last stop in Nungwi, ask for Makofi (15 minutes walking)

Are meals included in the room rate?
Breakfast is included in the prices. Lunch and dinner can be ordered from our restaurant, where our chefs will delight you with the best traditional Zanzibari dishes for an unforgettable food-safari 🙂 Additionally, don’t forget to try our ‘Makofi Burger’ and our amazing Italian Gourmet Pizza, and of course, to join our BBQ evenings, which take place on special days. Are you ready for you food-safari?

Is there a free WI-FI?
Yes, we have Wi-Fi in all Makofi, including inside the rooms.

Do I need an adapter for the electricity plug?
No, we have universal sockets in every room. You don’t need any adapter in Makofi.

Need more info?

Before sending us an email, please be sure to read all the info above. You will most likely find the answer to your questions without having to wait for our response! If you still cannot find information that is important to you, feel free to contact us. Thanks, and see you soon!